The world's smallest nanoparticle detector


The naneos partector is the world's smallest nanoparticle detector. We have designed it to be as simple to use as possible. It is based on a novel non-contact electrical detection principle which needs nearly no maintenance. It measures the lung-deposited nanoparticle surface area, which has been identified by toxicologists as the most important physical particle metric when it comes to health effects.

The 7 key benefits of the partector compared to traditional nanoparticle detectors, such as handheld CPCs, are:

 miniature and lightweight
 hassle-free measurement
 fast startup time
 works in any orientation
 wide particle concentration range
 meaningful metric
 great battery life


  • LDSA measurement with a time resolution of 1 second (internal instrument time constant 4s; faster on request)
  • Wide concentration range, from 1-20'000 µm²/cm³
  • Wide particle size range, from 10 nm to 10 µm
  • Size: 134x78x29mm - fits in a typical shirt pocket
  • Weight: 400 grams
  • Internal rechargeable Li:Ion battery, run time typically 18 hours in new devices
  • Data storage on a µSD-card (enough space for many years of data!)
  • Graphical display
  • High concentration alarm with adjustable threshold
  • Includes a java data analysis tool that runs on all major operating systems



The partector comes in a rugged transport case that contains all accessories necessary:

  • Protective neoprene sleeve - protects the partector from dirt, water and shocks, and contains a belt loop to attach it to a belt for personal monitoring.
  • Micro-SD-card to USB adapter - to easily read data from the partector's integrated micro-SD-card.
  • USB charger - a standalone USB charger to either charge the partector or run it 24/7 indefinitely


In addition to the standard accessories, the following optional accessories are available

  • External battery pack: use any USB battery pack to extend the battery life of the partector
  • Decentlab data link: Transmits partector data to an internet server so you can view and download your data online immediately. Demo
  • External alarm kit with a 90 dB loudspeaker - to make sure that everyone hears when the partector alarm triggers, even in loud workplaces.


We can customize the partector to make sure it fits your needs perfectly. Some examples of customizations:

  • External pump: for long-term 24/7 monitoring, we provide an OEM version without internal pump, so that you can either connect your own pump or use an external pump that we provide. Larger external pumps have longer lifetimes than the miniature pump in the partector.
  • Higher time resolution: at higher internal flow rates (with the external pump), the partector can operate with higher time resolution.