partector 2

The world's smallest multimetric nanoparticle detector

now available


The naneos partector 2 is the world's smallest multimetric nanoparticle detector. The partector 2 uses dual non-contact detection stages to measure not only lung-deposited surface area like the standard partector, but also particle number concentration and average particle diameter. From these, approximate particle surface and mass concentrations can also be calculated and displayed.

The key benefits of the partector 2 compared to traditional nanoparticle detectors, such as handheld CPCs, are:

 multiple meaningful metrics
 miniature and lightweight
 hassle-free measurement
 fast startup time
 works in any orientation
 wide particle concentration range
 great battery life


  • Simultaneous measurement of 3 metrics: LDSA, particle number, and average particle size
  • High time resolution: 1 second
  • LDSA concentration range: from 0-12'000 µm²/cm³
  • Number concentration range: from 0 - 106 cm-3
  • Average particle diameter range: from 10-300 nm
  • Typical accuracy: 30%
  • Size: 142x88x34mm
  • Weight: 450 grams
  • Internal rechargeable Li:Ion battery, run time typically 24 hours in new devices
  • Data storage on a µSD-card (enough space for many years of data!)
  • Graphical display
  • High concentration alarm with adjustable threshold
  • Includes a java data analysis tool that runs on all major operating systems