Miniature nanoparticle instrumentation made in Switzerland.



The naneos partector is the world's smallest nanoparticle detector. It's easy to use, small, light-weight, has a great battery life and high time resolution. It measures the lung-deposited nanoparticle surface area, the most health-relevant physical particle metric. It uses a novel contactless electrical detection that makes it nearly maintenance-free.



TEM sampler

Our TEM sampler combines the partector with an electrostatic precipitator to deposit nanoparticles directly on a TEM grid - the perfect marriage of a simple survey instrument with the most powerful analytical technique for nanoparticles. It's the only TEM sampler that can automatically stop sampling at the optimal grid coverage.





Apply our monitors for quick surveys of workplaces, where their ease of use and fast startup time make them an ideal tool for routine monitoring that doesn't take too much time. Stationary monitoring systems are also available, with audible alarm (90 dB) and interface to SPS.


The partector is the world's smallest nanoparticle monitor, and as such ideally suited for personal monitoring. The great battery life (12 hours on one charge), high time resolution (1s) and automatic data storage make this an outstanding tool to measure personal exposure.


With its non-contact detection principle, the partector can run 24/7 unattended for months without any service. Internet connectivity via mobile phone network is available as an accessory. For long-term 24/7 operation, long-life external pumps are available.

Example applications


About naneos

We produce high-quality nanoparticle instruments made in Switzerland. We aim to make them smaller and easier to use than the instruments of our competitors. We are taking electrical aerosol measurement to the next level by incorporating innovative self-test features.

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